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Gamber-Johnson’s dedication to producing products that are rugged, reliable, and responsive is unparalleled.

From humble beginnings as a local wooden furniture manufacturer in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Gamber-Johnson has developed into the global go-to partner for equipment mounting products — fulfilling the company’s cause of “supporting technology to help save the world.”

This evolution from producing furniture in 1954 to becoming a 21st-century world leader in mounting equipment for electronics was a natural progression, fostered by a company culture of innovation and continuous improvement. As it expanded, Gamber-Johnson began producing fleet vehicle mounts for radios and computers, then providing solutions for material handling and point-of-sale, including mounts for security cameras and more.

Today, Gamber-Johnson is still proudly “made in Wisconsin” and manufactures mounting components and systems for laptop and tablet computers, radios, light and siren controls, surveillance cameras, point-of-use kiosks, printers, keyboards and other devices — all meticulously designed to be rugged, reliable, and responsive.

Partnering with major technology manufacturers such as Panasonic, Getac, Samsung, and Dell is key to this success. Gamber-Johnson is a trusted name in the industry; long known as the go-to partner for major rugged computer OEMs. With more than 20 patents and counting, the company continues to evolve, creating numerous jobs and meaningful opportunities for community stewardship.

Gamber-Johnson’s dedication to producing products that are rugged, reliable, and responsive is unparalleled. The Gamber-Johnson name has become synonymous with high quality, rugged products that can withstand even the most extreme situations. These products are guaranteed and reliable, hand tested for perfect performance every single time. With a strong focus on customer service, the Gamber-Johnson brand is responsive: offering custom-designed solutions, lightning-fast production and shipping, and working directly with technology partners to ensure the optimum fit, every time.

From the company’s local origins to its modern-day global impact, Gamber-Johnson has continued pursuing its mission — supporting our heroes and saving the world through a laser-like focus on innovation.

Some of Gamber-Johnson’s solutions include:

Console Systems

Console systems are designed for police and other fleets that need to mount multiple radios and equipment within easy reach of the driver. The console system is made of two parts: a leg kit or top plate which secures the system to your vehicle’s frame and a vehicle-specific or universal console box to house your electronics. Add a computer mount, armrest, cup holder, microphone clip, or other accessory for a custom setup.

Keyboard Mounts

Low-profile and easy to use, Gamber-Johnson keyboard mounts are ideal for professional, military, and government use. The keyboard brackets are a reliable, long-lasting addition to any in-vehicle operation.

Mobile Workstation Boxes

Featuring heavy-gauge steel construction for long-term durability, Gamber-Johnson’s workstation boxes are ideal for military, government, and utility use. Most boxes contain large locking storage areas for supplies and devices as well as a platform or pole from which you can mount a computer.

Pedestal Systems

Pedestal systems mount your computer on a pole anchored to your floor or passenger seat. The systems include a vehicle-specific or universal leg kit, a 5” to 13” lower tube, and a height-adjustable upper pole from which you can mount your computer. Pedestal systems save space in a vehicle and work great in vans and trucks with a small console area.

Police Accessories

Load your police vehicle with rugged and reliable equipment such as gun mounts, push bumpers, and window guards. Gamber-Johnson products provide the total solution to keep your officers safe when the situation demands.

Printer Mounts

Gamber-Johnson partners with Brother and Printek, both industry-leaders in in-vehicle printers.

Radio Racks

Since 1979, Gamber-Johnson has been producing the best radio mounts and brackets for professional, utility, and government use. The durable radio mounts are a reliable, long-lasting addition to any in-vehicle operation – they’re built to hold up in even the harshest environments.

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