Havis manufactures mobile office computing and mounting solutions for a variety of industries. For over 80 years, our mission has been to increase worker productivity with products that are built to the highest safety and quality standards and are designed with comfort in mind. Proud to be ISO 9001 Certified.

Havis proudly serves the following markets: Public Safety, Military & Government, Utility & Public Works, Material Handling, Transportation, and Mobile Professionals.

Telepathcorp Upfit is an authorized Havis representative and can configure their standard products into a "build your own" solution that meets your needs. Our vehicle and computer specific solutions offer a custom look without permanent vehicle modification.

Some of Havis’ solutions include:

Mounting Solutions

Havis consoles are ergonomically designed to make your equipment easy to see, reach and operate while creating additional space and comfort. Their vehicle specific systems provide the strongest mounting solutions for valuable computing and radio equipment. Havis specializes in producing mounting bases and console mounts for police vehicles and mobile workers.

Computing Solutions

Havis' wide range of computing and vehicle computer mounts and peripheral accessories are a perfect fit for any mobile workstation. They offer the industry's most reliable platform for connecting peripherals, which greatly improve productivity.

Power Management Solutions

Auto Shut-Off Timers: ChargeGuard® Auto Shut-off Timers safeguard expensive communications devices and computers with intelligent circuitry protection, ultimately ensuring you will never have a dead battery.

Idle Management: IdleRight2™ is the next generation of Havis Idle Reduction Systems, saving you fuel and maintenance costs by reducing idle time while performing mission-critical tasks in your mobile workspace.

Transport Solutions

Outfitting a van to handle prisoner transport is a great investment. Not only can you move up to 12 people at a time, but you can also use the van to patrol or to move big items like barricades, cones, bikes, or large evidence. It becomes part of your daily on-street fleet.


Havis K9 inserts are available for both sedans and SUVs, and are custom designed for each vehicle they serve. In addition to rounded corners and heavy-duty white powder coat finish, they feature large side openings for improved canine entry and exit as well as easy access for cleaning


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