Patrol Witness

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Digital Video Systems for Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Patrol Witness™ is 247Security’s dedicated line-up of Digital Video Solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS, and public safety services.

Patrol Witness™ was conceived to merge 247Security technology, developed over the last 20 years, with intense scrutiny and input from active law enforcement and public safety personnel; resulting in rugged, state-of-the-art products specifically designed for these applications.

Our mission at Patrol Witness™ is to deliver the most advanced evidentiary recording systems—to withstand the rugged daily environments of public service vehicles, to improve public safety, and to enhance safety and performance of our finest men & women and in the line of duty.

What makes Patrol Witness™ different from others is that we design AND manufacture our systems. Proudly designed & manufactured in the USA & Canada; our technology is state-of-the-art, and we pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer support from before the sale, and well into the service life of our products.

Some of Patrol Witness™ solutions include:

Police Products

The evidence that has been obtained from Police In-Car Video/Audio systems over the years has proven to be a successful tool in prosecution of persons driving under the Influence of alcohol, many felony and traffic violation, new recruit training and has been a vital tool in false accusations that have been placed against the officer.

  • Police Products
  • The PW System

The PW System

The PW System is a fully integrated solution, offering advanced technology, flexibility, and value-added features that enhance safety and make video and data management reliable and easy to operate!

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