Patrol Witness

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Patrol Witness™

Digital Video Systems for Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Patrol Witness™ is 247Security’s dedicated line-up of Digital Video Solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS, and public safety services. Patrol Witness™ was conceived to merge 247Security technology, developed over the last 20 years, with intense scrutiny and input from active law enforcement and public safety personnel; resulting in rugged, state-of-the-art products specifically designed for these applications.

Solutions & Services

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The PW System

The PW System is a fully integrated solution, offering advanced technology, flexibility, and value-added features that enhance safety and make video and data management reliable and easy to operate.

System Components

State of the Art Technology. Modular Components, customizable to meet your unique requirements.

PW Software

Why have just a security system when you can have fleet management solution? Your technology should serve you!

PW Video Security

Everyone has some form of basic encryption technology. Get bullet-proof security, with PW’s proprietary Security Keys.

Patrol Witness PW6HD Video System

The PW6-HD with Dual HD Camera provides the safest way to operate an In-Car Video System with no officer intervention required to get the most complete picture, every time. Safe, Reliable, Affordable and Easy to operate highlight the best value available. Backed by a standard 5-year warranty.


The PRIME WITNESS Body-Worn Camera is designed to provide additional video evidence where the vehicle can’t follow.

PW SmartServer™

With PW SmartServer™ you control all the video data and more—all within the software application, onscreen, or through your network and without ever having to leave your office! Access video and data wherever, and whenever you need it—from any computer on your network.