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Dealer is your choice for all your Video Camera Solution needs. Our experienced consultants will work with you to select the best Video Camera Solutions to meet your specifications and budget needs.

Highlighted below are only a few of the Video Camera Solutions we offer. Please contact one of our experts for any questions on equipment, productions, ordering, installations, and more.

Motorola Solutions Solutions

Motorola Solutions/WatchGuard

Capture vital video evidence from multiple vantage points, and maintain the integrity and value of footage gathered, using the Motorola Solutions 4RE® in-car video system with V300 body-worn cameras.

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4RE In-Car Video

V300 Body-Worn Camera

Watchguard 4REM

Patrol Witness™ Solutions

Patrol Witness™

Patrol Witness™ is 247Security’s dedicated line-up of Digital Video Solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS, and public safety services. Patrol Witness™ was conceived to merge 247Security technology, developed over the last 20 years, with intense scrutiny and input from active law enforcement and public safety personnel; resulting in rugged, state-of-the-art products specifically designed for these applications.

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In-Car Video

Body-Worn Camera